“We help your international students find affordable quality education opportunities in the USA & provide safe caring host families.”

There is a Bright Future for your International Students in the USA

Great Schools – First Light Global connects your international students to affordable quality education in the USA.

“I had an amazing experience in my first 2 years in the US, especially thanks to my host family. They understood that I came from a different culture with limited English proficiency, and actively communicated with me to best support my transition to a new environment. They were very supportive not only in my education, but life outside of academics, such as supporting in my soccer games or celebrating holidays together as a family. I genuinely felt loved by my host family, and I still feel like I am part of my host family. I am again very grateful for the experience I had with my friends and my host family in the US!”

Chanbin L. , Korea.  Current attending Medical School at Brown University

Great Friends  – Your international student will join a friendly student community.

Testimonies of Students Hosted by Sheila Johnson *

“Thank you for your concern and care for Joey. He has been studying and living in your home for more than two years. He has learned a lot of knowledge and life experience, learned dishwashers, washers, dryers, etc., and experienced a lot of American lifestyle and habits. This kind of cultural exchanges between China and the United States will be unforgettable and beneficial to him all his life. Thanks again for caring about Joey! Thank you!”

Parent of Joey X., China.  Now attending Ohio State University

* These three students came through the home stay services of American Home Life International 

Great Families – Your student will be placed with a safe loving host family.  Host families provide meals, private bedroom, transportation, and plenty of fun activities throughout the year.

“My host family were very welcoming and truly treated me like I was a member of their family. Going to school was tough at first because I did not speak English but teachers and classmates were very kind and helpful so I was able to adujust to the school quickly. I joined a school choir and had so much fun. I made so many wonderful memories in the US that I will cherish forever.”

Yuri I., Japan.  Went on to graduate from UCLA