About First Light Global


Sheila Johnson is passionate in mentoring international students, guiding them to reach their dream of education in the USA. There are many challenges facing parents who dream of their child coming to the United States to experience a great education and establish life-long friendships. Parents and students need support and practical help to be successful in this journey.  Sheila has been successfully helping them with education and homestay services since 2010.

Students are mentored to work successfully across diverse geographies, circumstances, expectations, environments, cultures, and technologies. Because of the globalization of our companies, these are skills they absolutely need for the future of work. They learn to build strategic long-term cross-cultural relationships that will help them in their careers in the future.

Sheila’s mission is to help international students find affordable, quality education opportunities in the USA while being cared for by loving, responsible host families.

She comes to this career:

with 20 years of business experience in a Fortune 500 company

with 11 years experience overseeing and personally hosting international teens

with 2 Graduate degrees, one in Business and one in Law

as a licensed California attorney

as an experienced and loving parent having raised 2 children with all the concerns and expectations of a mother, and then transferring her mothering skills to her international charges with those same concerns and expectations

with a thorough understanding of the educational system in the US. 

with loving and responsible host families

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We foster these core values in our students:

• Curiosity/lifelong learners

• Resilience

• Collaborative spirit

• Mission orientation

• Integrity